Do you wish raising kids and dogs together would be less stressful?

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The Pooch Parenting Society will help
your dog to become the polite family pet
you always envisioned your kids growing up with.

Pooch Parenting Society testimonial
Pooch Parenting Society testimonial
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Understand your dog
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Prevent problems before they start
Enjoy fun activities with the whole family

Stop Surviving and start Thriving

  • You wonder if getting a dog was a mistake
  • All of the responsibility for the dog falls on your shoulders
  • You feel guilty because you don’t spend enough time with your dog
  • Your kids and dog aren’t gentle with each other and you are worried someone will get hurt
  • Your dog growled at your toddler
  • Your dog is jealous of your new baby
  • You wish that you could just relax and enjoy time with your kids and dog together
  • The whole family is involved with age appropriate activities and tasks with the dog
  • You can relax because you have a system that works
  • Everyone is safe
  • Your dog is happy and feels loved
  • Your kids and dog are respectful of each other
  • You can host play dates and sleepovers without worrying about your dog
  • You can enjoy family outings with your dog
  • You have the family dog you always wanted

77% of dog bites to kids are by the family dog.

Avoid the unthinkable.

Parenting comes with a unique set of challenges.

Are you worried that barking will interrupt naps?
Maybe your dog is worried or over excited when you host play dates?
Is the morning, homework or bedtime routine overwhelming because everyone needs you at the same time?
I’ve got you.

Say goodbye to worry, stress and guilt

Michelle Stern, founder of Pooch Parenting and Pippin the Border Terrier

You love your dog…

…But if she could learn to be more polite around your kids, you would love her even more! I’ll help you to feel more confident with your kids and dog, especially if you feel stumped as they experience developmental changes.

It’s a no brainer to seek support from an expert like me, who not only understands child development, but has direct experience. My name is Michelle Stern, and I’m a mom of two, a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), Family Dog Mediator, and dog behavior consultant, and former teacher with 16 years of experience. I love both ends of the leash and have combined my passion for dogs with my innate love of teaching families how to live more happily together.

When I had my daughter and adopted our son, we had a dog. And I didn’t realize how lucky we were. If I had known then what I know now, I would have parented a lot differently to ensure everyone was safe and happy together.

I will help you take the guesswork out of raising kids and dogs at the same time. The Pooch Parenting Society is the membership I wish I had when I was raising my kids and dogs.

Enjoy quality time together with your dog
at home or on family adventures.

I’ll show you how to keep both your
child and dog safe and happy

Pooch Parenting Society success cycle

Parenting really does take a village.

The Pooch Parenting Society will help you  to
love living with your family dog.

🐾    Monthly themes to help you navigate some of the challenges that accompany family life with a dog: bedtime routines, mealtimes, having visitors, family outings and more…

🐾    Instant access to The Pooch Parenting Society membership Hub, a searchable video library where you will see all of your support materials and will receive a new resource each week.

🐾    Weekly Q & A’s so you can solve family dog issues when they arise

🐾    Supportive members-only community where you can get support from me, your fellow members and share your parenting and dog training wins!

🐾    Optional 1-on-1 coffee talk chats so you feel seen and can get any help you need

The benefits of a peaceful home are priceless.

Is the program right for you?

The Pooch Parenting Society membership is a good fit if…

You are a parent (or are expecting or adopting), grandparent, or child caregiver.

You don’t have time for a do-it-yourself approach and want specialized support to keep your family safe and happy.

You love your dog and are committed to helping everyone to have the relationship you always dreamed of.


The Pooch Parenting Society membership is
not a good fit if…

You are a dog trainer looking to help your own clients.

You want instant results. (Parenting takes time, but I’ll remove all of the guesswork.)

You think that your dog should “tolerate” anything your kids dish out.

You prefer punishments over rewards.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

You will get more than THREE MONTHS of relief for
less than the cost of ONE 60-minute private session with me. 



(This is your rate, as long as you remain a member.
Prices will increase when doors open again.)



Pay in Full and Get 1 Month FREE
(This is your rate, as long as you remain a member.
Prices will increase when doors open again.)

And I’ve sweetened the deal some more

Members also get these amazing bonuses worth $394 for free
Calm Down Family Dog Challenge

Calm Down! Family Dog Challenge

If your dog is a little wild or is often underfoot, you’ll especially appreciate your BONUS access to this video series. If your dog has ever stolen a dirty diaper or raided the trash can, you’ll thank me.

Learn several easy, doable training activities you can do with your dog to help her to settle down and become a more polite housemate. Don’t worry – I KNOW you are busy, so these just take a few moments a day.

Value – $197

Pooch Parenting - Canine Good Citizen Test Prep

Canine Good Citizen Test Prep

Do you wish your dog behaved in public and made you proud? Would you like to begin training your dog to do therapy work, but don’t know where to start?

Each month, I’ll be sharing resources to help you to prepare for 1 of 10 sections of the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test.

Value – $197

Don’t just take my word for it

Dr. Mona Amin - Peds Doc Talk

“Michelle is a true professional! She understands dog behavior so well and has amazing tips to foster a healthy relationship between dogs and kids. As a pediatrician, momma to an 8-month-old, and dog mom myself; I have learned so much about dogs from her and @poochparenting. I highly recommend her for any of your dog training needs. I will be utilizing her services even more so now that we moved to a new home and our pup, Shiloh, is having a hard time adjusting.”

— Dr. Mona Amin, D.O., Board Certified Pediatrician and Host of The Pedsdoctalk Podcast

Malena De Martini - Separation Anxiety Expert

“I am so grateful to know Michelle Stern both personally and professionally. As a practitioner who works exclusively concerning the safety and happiness of dogs and children or babies, she is legend! Whenever I encounter clients with families that need help with their dog, I know Michelle will be able to help them with compassion, empathy, and tremendous skill.”

— Malena DeMartini, CTC, Author of Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs



What are the program dates?

This is not a course. It’s an ongoing supportive community with new content every month. Registration is only open occasionally, but new members have access to all of our past content – so you can get what you need now!

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 4 days before your payment renews.

Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Michelle?

YES! Members have the option to have 15-minute long coffee talk chats with Michelle each month.

I don’t have any dog training experience – is this right for me?

Yes! You don’t need to have any dog training experience in order to make progress in this program. I will teach you everything you need to know along the way.

I’m not even a parent yet – is this program right for me?

Omigosh – YES! I absolutely love it when people are proactive and want to get a head start on getting their dog ready for their growing family. Whether you are pregnant, adopting, using a surrogate (or considering all of the above), it’s never too soon to start preparing your dog for life with children. Besides, who doesn’t want a more polite dog?

I’m already barely keeping my head above water. Will I be overwhelmed as a member?

Nope. The best part of working with me is that I get it. I’ll give you training strategies and safety tips that will be manageable, even with your busy schedule or chaotic household. Use what you need. Ignore the rest. No guilt. Remember – one of the reasons this program is so appealing is that it will help make your life EASIER, not harder.

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